I usually try to start my thoughts and ramblings by giving some kind of context to what is ahead, taking a look at the background behind a game or company before building up to the main event and overall thoughts. With the KontrolFreek Rush Performance Thumbsticks for Xbox One though, none of that is needed. All you need to know is that the Rush sticks for Xbox One are as near as damn it, perfect. Without a word of a lie and without beating around the bush, if you want some thumbstick additions, you must buy the KontrolFreek Rush.

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So, with that out of the way, let me go into a bit more detail and explain exactly why and how I have come to express these thoughts.

The KontrolFreek Rush Performance Thumbsticks for Xbox One are the latest and greatest stick additions to come out of the KontrolFreek lab, delivering a mid-rise enhancement that comes with a wider, raised edge design, all inspired by KF’s first ever SpeedFreeks from a decade ago. Now, I’ve been lucky enough to have run through a range of KontrolFreek’s products over the years, and personally have always found myself gravitating towards the mid-range varieties. In my opinion the benefits afforded via the low-rise solutions are minimal and possibly not worth the bother, whilst the higher-rise options just make things a little too fiddly and precise. Obviously that may be what another gamer is after, but for what I need from my gaming addictions, the middle spot is optimum.

And with a huge number of stick types already available from KontrolFreek – the likes of the Galaxy excelling over the years – it would certainly take some going to create a product that is even better than those. With the Rush, they have done precisely that, delivering the perfect balance of grip and accuracy with the 3.75mm rise that they bring.

kontrolfreek rush unboxing

Coming with a stunning orange and white design, with the three pronged attachment that KontrolFreek have nailed previously seeing firm grip and confidence exuding throughout, it must be said that the Rush looks the part from the get go. In fact, that orange top design may initially seem to be a loud, bold, design choice, but it works stunningly well with all colour of controller. Again, on a personal level, an orange/black combo, with the prongs running the dark side as opposed to the light, may well be preferred, but that’s being super picky in order for me to manage to find something wrong with these brilliant additions.

It’s not all about the colour though and part of the biggest draw of the Rush Performance sticks just has to be the absolutely perfect, swirled top design. Coming in slightly wider than the norm, and with a little lip on the edge to allow for full thumb control, from the first moment to the last, you’ll find that the Rush provides top quality performance in all situations; from the shortest sharpest sessions to the mammoth all-nighters that us gamers occasionally pull. Through using these for a number of weeks, not once have I considered removing them from my Xbox One controller, and not once have I ever felt anything but utter confidence in the product.

That swirling concave design that sees the Rush stand out from everything else is apparently optimum for those who wish to play claw-styled or with paddles, but me, as an everyday gamer who just wants to have something feeling perfect, the Rush really does do the job. It’s nice to see one edge of these sticks slightly raised over the other too, so spinning them round to find your perfect gaming setup is more than doable. Personally, dropping them on any which way more than does the job.

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To make things even better though, these Rush sticks have been created from quite possibly the softest material KontrolFreek have yet dealt with. This is hugely apparent with the super squishy soft outer edge that just begs to be touched and caressed. I’m pretty certain that it is due to this soft version of KontrolFreek’s proprietary composite material that the overall grip is increased too – if you’re worried about any form of slippage, then the Rush is for you.

Aesthetics, feel, height, and design all combine to ensure that the KontrolFreek Rush Performance Thumbsticks for Xbox One are the best thumbstick additions your money can currently buy, particularly if you’re a previous fan of the mid-rise designs that KF deal with. Should you be looking for a new enhancement to your gaming life, have found your old thumbsticks are in need of replacing, or just love the colour combo, the Rush more than delivers.

Go and buy them right now. You’ll not regret it.

Massive thanks go out to KontrolFreek for allowing us the opportunity to take a look at and review their Rush Performance Thumbsticks for Xbox One. If you wish to purchase a set, make sure you pop over to KontrolFreek direct.

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