Ask me if the KontrolFreek Galaxy range of thumbsticks for Xbox One are worth the cash and I’ll give you a resounding YES. I’ve been a huge fan of the purple and silver designed stick enhancers ever since first going hands on with them in 2015. Now though, KontrolFreek are back with an even more exciting colour version of the superb Galaxy range. An all white option. And without wishing to over hype something, they are bloody brilliant.

So good in fact that if you are looking for an addition to your Xbox One controller, then these would be the very first product I’d advise you buy. Now, granted, we aren’t all made of money and if you are already one of those who takes in a gaming session with the purple variety firmly attached, I’d find it pretty difficult to talk you into another purchase, just for the new colour. But if you are one of those who hasn’t yet experienced the Galaxy range, or have just invested in the new special edition Lunar White Xbox One controller, then you shouldn’t be waiting any longer. Indeed, it is this new controller that the latest sticks look absolutely outstanding on, blending in perfectly with the white casing of the special edition pad. If I’m being honest, I’m struggling to enjoy the look so much when they are attached to a standard black Xbox One controller, but that’s all down to my own personal taste.

Coming in the standard Galaxy sizes, the new white sticks hit us with a short 5.7mm stick adorning the left side of your controller, bringing a better feel for your movement when encassed in a first person shooting battle, alongside a taller, beefier 10.4mm extender for the right side, one that ensures your accuracy is spot on. They grip to your controller with the usual KontrolFreek three pronged legs, and once attached, you’ll find they stick in place supremely well.WHITE-GALAXY_XBOX1_PackageThe highly etched, concaved design on top allows your thumbs to clasp on perfectly, with the width and height of the sticks seemingly perfect for my hands. They also feel much, much softer to the touch than many other thumbstick enhancements and hold up extremely well under pressure. If the ones I’ve been gaming with for the last few months are any sign (and they should be as these are just a simple colour change), then you’ll find the Galaxies will ensure your grasp doesn’t ever slip, no matter how hot and sweaty your gaming sessions may get. Your K/D ratios may just begin to build the more you play too. And that’s what we really want to hear. Isn’t it!?

So, is the new colour variation that the white Galaxy range brings worthy of an upgrade over your previous Galaxy sticks? That’s hard to say because it all depends what you want from a controller addition. If you’re looking for something that will enhance your gaming prowess a bit more then the honest answer has to be no, as the white model brings exactly the same joy as its purple brother, seeing the latest product fail to really appeal to those already running with the older style. But should you be looking for something to stick on your new Lunar White controller, or need an upgrade from a different style of thumbstick, then you should be buying these asap. Especially if you are one of those who prefers the concaved feel over the more domed effect.

For me? They will most definitely be part of my running gear for many months ahead. No question about it.

You can buy the KontrolFreek White Galaxy thumbsticks for Xbox One direct from KontrolFreek right now.

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7 years ago

How these differ from the Vortex’s Concave left stick? Is it about the same indentation

Reply to  Darklurkr23
7 years ago

These are most definitely a deeper cut that allows for greater grip – even over the rather good Vortex range. The new KontrolFreek Inferno range is very much like the Vortex. If you’re after those, hit this link. https://www.thexboxhub.com/kontrolfreek-inferno-thumbsticks-for-xbox-one-review/