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Size Five Games are well known in the indie scene, having nabbed a number of BAFTA awards for the likes of ‘Privates’, ‘Gun Monkeys’, ‘The Swindle’ and most recently, viral football sensation ‘Behold the Kickmen.’ Now though they are preparing to hit the PC and console scene with a new game in the point-and-click genre – Lair of the Clockwork God.

Coming to PC and console in the summer of 2019, Lair of the Clockwork God is a new standalone adventure starring Size Five’s finest, Ben and Dan. The heroes of “Ben There, Dan That!” and “Time Gentlemen, Please!” – grab em on Steam if you haven’t yet – will be coming back to the fore in an attempt to stop of the Apocalypses from happening, seeing them race against time to teach an old computer all about feelings.

Switching between Ben and Dan will be where the joy of Lair of the Clockwork God comes in. Ben is a die-hard, old-school LucasArts Adventure fan. His feet never leave the floor, and he’s happiest collecting any old junk he can lay his hands on, in the hopes of combining it all together to solve a satisfying puzzle. His cohort and sidekick Dan has decided there’s no money to be made in Adventure Games any more, so he’s going to be an indie darling platformer instead…

“We all have fond memories of point-and-click games, but honestly who has the time for all that endless meandering anymore?”, lamented Dan Marshall, long-time indie developer and head of Size Five Games. “Lair of the Clockwork God has been designed to retain the best of the genre: meaty puzzles, huge inventories, funny jokes, and plenty of verbs! But is structured more like a platform game, so it’s forward-focussed, driven, fast paced, with accessible, localised puzzles, all broken up with platforming challenges.”

Great efforts have been made to keep the game as streamlined as possible, from a slick context-sensitive interface to smart level design that minimises pointless traipsing. There are even sliders in the options to tone down how chatty the characters are, or remove extraneous objects entirely. The aim is to create a game with the great mechanics you love, and all the fatty waffle chopped away.

More info can be found in the announcement trailer below. Or you can check out the Steam page for the game. We’ll keep you updated with the Xbox One progress.

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