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While the next-generation of consoles aren’t here yet, that doesn’t mean we can’t look to the future and see what can be looked forward to. Bearing that in mind, Gaming Factory S.A. have announced their RTS and RPG hybrid, Lands of Raynar, is coming to Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 and PC in 2022. Only then will you be able to immerse yourself in its open world to experience an intriguing storyline, varied gameplay and unique knowledge system mechanics.

The Polish-German studio DeSand is in charge of developing this new project, which is a first-person game with elements of both RTS and RPG genres, featuring an open world and a fresh approach all-round it seems. The studio’s main focus is on a single-player story mode at the moment, but the introduction of multiplayer options is also being considered – so don’t rule it out.

In Lands of Raynar, you play as Karia, one of the last inhabitants of the fallen lands who’s accompanied by a mystical fawn called Ivy. As the game’s creators reveal, discovering the dark past, mysterious objects and the mythical creature known as Mórrí will play a major role throughout the story.

“Our goal is to combine a rich and open world with an engaging and comprehensive story. Lands of Raynar is a unique adventure set in mystical realities and full of ancient secrets. We are creating a world that is meant to fascinate on many different levels. The main storyline will also be equally mysterious and unique, and the story will evoke very different emotions in the players. References to European mythology will also appear in many places, including mainly Celtic and Slavic mythology” says the CEO of DeSand, Jakub Struś.

Among the unique features of Lands of Raynar is a knowledge system that adds realism and will be one of the things that plays an important role in proceedings. You will need to get information yourself about the state of the world around you. Sending the likes of scouts and spies will be of great importance here as well as creating a comprehensive information network.

“Lands of Raynar is another highly unique project in our publishing portfolio. I am convinced that it is one of the more unique proposals that will make its way to the market over the next few years. Such a mix of genres, supplemented also by brand new solutions, is something so far unheard of” says the CEO of Gaming Factory S. A., Mateusz Adamkiewicz.

Lands of Raynar’s main features:

  • A fascinating story in an open world
  • A unique mix of RTS and RPG elements
  • Mystical creatures
  • Advanced destruction and physics systems
  • Rebuilding an ancient civilization
  • Realistic knowledge system mechanism
  • Audiovisual setting in Celtic-Slavic climates

The launch date for Lands of Raynar on Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 and PC (Steam) is expected to be in 2022. It’s a long time to wait, but will you keep tabs on Lands of Raynar?

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