shadow of the tomb raider the price of survival

Since her first outing way back in 1996, Lara Croft has been pushed from pillar to post in the attempt to understand many a situation. Today though it’s time for Ms. Croft to really knuckle down, as she attempts to solve the mystery of her greatest foe.

The latest content addition to Shadow of the Tomb Raider is that of The Price of Survival, an add-on that not only sees everyone’s favourite heroine dropping into a brand new, highly explosive challenge tomb, but also has her taking on the most elite of Patitian soldiers, all whilst trying to crack the codes of Trinity’s leader.

Priced up at £3.99, The Price of Survival is the latest way of getting the ultimate Shadow of the Tomb Raider experience, building on what has been placed in the base game, and taking Lara’s adventures to another level.

This is helped with the introduction of a variety of new customisation options and with Lara now able to head on out with the Hunter’s Array outfit worn, and the Silent Sting pistol in hand, her usual tasks should well become slightly easier. The addition of some persistent enemy tracking via the Raptor’s Eye skill is also a welcome one.

Should you be familiar with the quests that await and the skills that are required with the latest Lara Croft journey of discovery in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and wish to check out the latest gear, then you’ll find The Price of Survival available from a digital store near you right now. The £3.99 price tag makes this a more than viable option to have, however should you prefer to just kit Ms. Croft out in some new clobber then the Shadow of the Tomb Raider – Gear : Classic Trinity is even cheaper – just £2.39 for the clothes and pistol.

Don’t forget, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is also currently part of the Xbox Game Pass – if you’re a subscriber then there is no reason not to check it out.

Will you be picking up either of these two content packs? Let us know in the comments.

DLC Description:

Solve the mystery of Lara’s greatest foe! While cracking the private codes of Trinity’s leader, Lara Croft must overcome not only an explosive new challenge tomb, but also the elite Paititian soldiers standing in her way. The Price Of Survival offers new customization options, with the Hunter’s Array outfit, the Silent Sting pistol, and the Raptor’s Eye skill, which enables Lara to tag her enemies for persistent tracking.


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