The team over at Massive Work Studio are continuing with their ‘making of’ series of videos for Soulsborne inspired action-RPG DOLMEN and the newest one offers a look at the Zoan – a massive spaceship – and the protagonist.

The Zoan ship is where the journey begins and acts as a kind of refuge for the player whilst they face the inhabitants of the rather hostile planet of Revion Prime. It’s a rare bit of normality in this nightmarish world and possesses some of humanity’s most advanced tech. Within the Zoan are a command room, a small kitchen and a very useful workstation for creating and modifying weapons and armour. Resources obtained outside of the Zoan can be stored here as it provides a much needed inventory for all your loot.

Don’t expect DOLMEN’s protagonist to have a traditional spacesuit, because that’d severely limit your movement. Instead, your custom suit of armour will require crafting on the Zoan and the resources scavenged from the deadly creatures’ corpses can provide a variety of signature attributes to be more effective in combat. Only the best manoeuvrability will do if you’re to survive the dangers lurking on Revion Prime.

The Zoan ship and the main protagonist are just a couple of DOLMEN’s aspects detailed in the ‘making of’ series, but you can be sure that there’ll be more behind the scenes videos unveiled during the rest of its Kickstarter campaign. With only two weeks left to go, time is of the essence if you wish to help make its arrival on Xbox One, PS4 and PC in late 2019 a reality.

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