The latest DiRT Rally developer diary sees the team talking about the secret’s of the game’s success, covering the road to its full release!

DiRT Rally will be arriving on Xbox One, PS4 and PC come the 5th April 2016 and today, you can see what the team behind it think of the game’s current success and how it’ll release on both console and PC.

You can see and hear the reasons behind why the latest DiRT title has become a more focused, more challenging rally beast, find out what the team think of Steam’s Early Access programme and discover how the feedback surrounding the game has helped shape it into the authentic racing game it promises to be.

“The key pillar that we grew the whole game on was the idea of making the most authentic and best rally racing experience that had ever been made.” says Paul Coleman, Chief Games Designer “We started from the ground up, looking at what we needed to do with the tracks, how we needed to change the cars to make sure that they drove properly within them and getting that feeling right; the sense of flowing through a stage and of impending doom if you go off the road. All of that stuff really feeds into what it is to be a rally driver and the mindset that you approach the stages with.”

If you want to know more about the core ideas behind the game, the key components that are in place and exactly how much research and environment building has gone into the game, then check out the screens and watch the video below…and then sit patiently as you wait for its release. 





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