Ride 3 Free Pack 12

If you’ve spent any time with Milestone’s Ride 3, then you will know that it’s a great two-wheeled racing experience that’s regularly been bolstered by new content ever since its release. And now there’s yet more DLC to grab, courtesy of the Ride 3 Free Pack 12, which as you might guess, arrives at no extra cost.

Following on from the recent Street Racing paid DLC, the Free Pack 12 is the latest content pack for Ride 3 and it’s available to download immediately on Xbox One, PS4 and PC – without having to spend a penny. As with the multitude of free packs that have come before it, you can expect to find another new bike to hop onto, along with five fresh events to partake in which are set across one unique Volume. This time around the bike in the spotlight is the sporty BMW F800 R, from 2015, so if that’s one you’ve always wanted to ride then your luck is in!

Should you be interested in the Free Pack 12, you’ll of course need to own the base game of Ride 3 first, but no matter whether you have that in your gaming library on Xbox One, PS4 or PC, the relevant digital store for your format will be your final destination to acquire the freebies. For us Xbox One gamers that obviously means traversing over to the Xbox Store.

Don’t forget to leave us a message in the comments section down below too, because, as always, we’d love to know whether this latest content is of any interest to you or not.

DLC Description:

Download now and expand your racing experience! This package contains: – BMW F800 R (2015) – 1 Volume with 5 new events What are you waiting for? Continue your adventure with RIDE 3.

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