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We’ve already seen it pop up in other adrenaline-fuelled games like Rocket League and now the infamous DeLorean has wound up as an additional vehicle for GRIP: Combat Racing. For a small price, you’ve got a chance to get behind the wheel of the iconic vehicle made famous in the 80s.

Celebrating nearly a year’s worth of constant updates, Wired Productions and DeLorean Motor Company have teamed up to introduce the DeLorean 2650 DLC, costing a mere £1.69 on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. This latest DLC for the futuristic racer comes hot on the heels of the recently announced GRIP: Combat Racing – AirBlades Vs Rollers Ultimate Edition.

DeLorean Motor Company, one of the most beloved car manufacturers in all of the galaxy, has injected its flagship vehicle from Back to the Future into GRIP: Combat Racing. Armed, armoured, flippable and jet fuel-injected, it’s the most souped-up version of the DeLorean that you will ever see – and pilot. It arrives in two forms: anti-grav AirBlades and regular four-wheeled roller. Check out the trailer below to see how the iconic ‘gull-wing’ doored sports car has been transformed for its debut on GRIP’s more than deadly tracks.

Should you wish to know more about GRIP: Combat Racing, specifically on Xbox One, prior to picking up the game itself then our full review is here and well worth a read. It’s worth noting that there have been numerous improvements since launch and, for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, there’s no cost to download and play it.

Will you be parting with the small fee required to own a DeLorean 2650 in GRIP: Combat Racing? As always, let us know!

DLC Description:

Delorean Motor Company, one of the most iconic car manufacturers in the galaxy, injects their flagship vehicle into GRIP. Armed, armoured, flippable and jet fuel injected, it’s the most souped up Delorean you will ever see – and pilot.

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