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If it involves bikes then the team at Milestone are usually behind it. They’ve had some great success too, with RIDE 3 pushing home a brilliant motorcycling experience. Today though is all about the upcoming MXGP 2019, and as Milestone deliver a new trailer, little secrets have been revealed – namely details covering a Track Editor and The Waypoint game mode.

Coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC on August 27th 2019, MXGP 2019 will allow you the chance to hop on the latest motocross units to race with all the riders, bikes, and teams of the current 2019 season. It promises to take what Milestone have learnt with previous MXGP releases – you can read our thoughts surrounding MXGP Pro from last year right here – to deliver the most spectacular experience yet.

The latest trailer to drop features plenty of the gameplay, but it is with this which Milestone have let us in on some little secrets – the arrival of two long awaits features. Yep, MXGP 2019 will not only have a full Track Editor, but it’ll also come complete with an all-new game mode, The Waypoint.

For the first-time in the franchise history, players will have a Track Editor to create their favourite track fully customised with specific Motocross modules. But that’s not all and they can also select different environments in which to set the track, all with unique features like woods, desert, riviera and others available shortly after the D1. Tracks created by players, can be shared with the community to compete with them!

Further to this though and Milestone also show a glimpse of a new game mode – The Waypoint. Set inside the Playground, where players can freely roam, it will allow us to design our own off-road path, putting checkpoints on the ground and racing to set the best lap. Then, players can share their creation to challenge the Community! Expect to see endless user generated challenges which will give the chance for the King of the Playground to be crowned.

Give that trailer a little watch and then let us know what you think about these new MXGP 2019 features by hitting us up on the usual social channels, or by dropping in to the comments below.


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