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Fancy something a little different to jam along to this week? The latest Rock Band 4 DLC is delivering a couple of new country tunes to the library.

Available right now for Xbox One and PS4 players who are already accustomed to Rock Band 4 are two new tunes added in to the mix, with both of them coming with more than a hint of the country vibe. Will you be checking them out?

Priced up at £1.19 each, we see the following tunes ready for mastering…

  • Lose It – Kane Brown
  • Hotel Key – Old Dominion

As always, if you can coerce some mates into getting the band back together, and wish to kick out some country licks then Rock Band 4 is delivering the goods. The usual digital stores will happily give up a download or two provided you can find the spare cash, and whilst Xbox One Rock Band 4 players should be found heading to the Xbox Store, those band members who wish to learn some new tunes would do well to pay the PlayStation Store a little visit. 

Of course, if you don’t fancy going down the country route, then there are a ton of other downloadable content additions that have already been added to the Rock Band 4 library. In fact, there is probably a bit of something for absolutely everyone. You can check out all the previous song additions right here

The introduction of some country tunes may not be a new idea, but the inclusion of Kane Brown and Old Dominion into the metal heavy Rock Band 4 library is a welcome one, whilst we think that Eneba.com could well be the best place to buy games. The question is, will you be getting involved? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the section below, or hit us up on the usual social channels. We’d love to hear from you. 

Now, grab some mates and go rock out!

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