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Latest Xbox One System Update detailed. Rolling out today!



One of the best things about the modern day console is the ability for things to change at a moments notice. That is most definitely the case when the Xbox One gets its latest system update with all manner of new features and welcome additions hitting home. And that is what will be happening very soon as the details of the latest Xbox One system update have been announced.

Coming straight from the horse’s mouth – Major Nelson’s blog no less – are full details of what we can expect to see added to our consoles very soon. How soon? Well, how does today sound to you? Good? Because that is exactly when it is beginning to roll out.

But what is included in this super snazzy Xbox One system update? The following will all be in place…

Express yourself with custom Gamerpics, Club profile pics, and Club backgrounds

Starting this month, you’ll be able to upload an image from your console, Windows 10 PC, or mobile phone for your Gamerpic, or to customize your club’s profile pic or background. It’ll be available for everyone to see, so keep it clean – stick to the Xbox Live Code of Conduct.

Co-streaming comes to your Xbox One console, Mixer tab in Clubs

Co-streaming arrives on Xbox One! With co-streaming, you and up to three of your friends can broadcast together to create a shared, multi-view experience on Mixer. With co-streaming now on the console, you can invite others to co-stream and join a co-stream – entirely from your Xbox One. To invite another user to a co-stream, simply select ‘Invite to co-stream’ from their profile, or choose to invite your entire party to a co-stream. To accept, simply hold the Xbox button when you see the invite notification. At this point, if you’re not already broadcasting, simply pull up the broadcasting tab in the Guide while playing a game and select ‘Co-stream your game’ to start.

Speaking of streaming, it’s now easier to discover live broadcasts from Club members. From your Club home page, you will now see a ‘Mixer’ tab. Navigate there to get a list of any Club members actively broadcasting on Mixer.

Sign in seamlessly with your controller

Are there multiple people using your Xbox with multiple controllers? You can now link a specific controller to an Xbox profile for easy, automatic sign-in. Once linked, we’ll sign-in to your Xbox with that profile when that controller turns on, and you’ll be ready to play. Along with Xbox Design Lab and button mapping, this is another great way to personalize your controller. To enable this new sign-in feature, you must be using the specific controller you’d like to link and be signed in to the profile you would like to link. From there, go to Settings, choose “Sign-in, security & passkey” and select “This controller signs in.” Choose “Link controller” and your controller and profile are now linked.

More updates released for Arena

With new user-generated tournaments for Killer Instinct on Xbox One, it’s never been easier to compete with friends. First, go to the Club you’d like to create an Arena tournament for, and select the Tournaments tab. Select ‘Create Tournament’ and choose your game. From here, it’s the same as it was on the Xbox app: Give it a name, determine the rules, start time, and a description if you’d like. You are now ready to host your Arena Tournament fully from your console!

This month’s update also makes it easier to see who is competing – and winning – in Arena. For active matches, you can see who is streaming, and with a button click you can launch Mixer to watch. Simply navigate to the ‘Bracket’ tab in any active or completed tournament to start. Or, see all users currently streaming from the tournament by going to the ‘Watch’ tab in the tournament page.

Xbox App on iOS and Android updates

Looking-for-Group requests are getting more exposure in this release with the ability to share them to the Activity Feed and Messages. Create an LFG from a game hub, and once it’s submitted you can select it and tap “Share this post”. You can share it to the Activity Feed for broad distribution or to a specific group of friends though Messages.

With this update, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can now browse the titles in their subscription through the Xbox app. If you have an Xbox Game Pass subscription, go to the drawer and select “Store”, then swipe over to the “Xbox Game Pass” pivot and you can see the list of featured Game Pass titles or use the provided filters to find a game you are interested in. When you find titles you’re interested in, you can also install these games to your console directly from the app.

For our customers who set their phones to a different region or locale than their Xbox account, you can now easily set the app and store experience to match your Xbox and purchase content from the store in your console’s region. To access this feature, open the drawer and select “Settings”. In the Settings section, choose the “Language” tab at the top. From there you can make your desired selections.

The Xbox app on Android is getting a bonus feature this month with Chat Bubbles. This overlay experience lets you use your mobile games and apps while keeping your Xbox conversations within reach. When you get a new message, a chat bubble will open automatically for that conversation – this works for messages as well as club chat. You can also open this view by navigating to the conversation menu options. Chat bubbles are on by default, but if you would like to turn it off, you can choose “Settings” from the drawer, select the “Notifications” tab at the top, and disable the setting for “Chat Bubbles”.

So what do you think of this latest update? Which of the new features are you most interested in? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments below, in our forums or via the usual social channels.

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