If you like horror then you will love both Layers of Fear and >observer_. And what better way to get involved with them then to purchase both in a rather neat little bundle that will see you saving a decent amount of cash.

Available now on Xbox One, the Layers of Fear + >observer_ bundle comes direct from the Bloober Team to deliver a couple of award winning horror experiences to gamers.

Priced at £31.99, those grabbing this bundle will find a significant saving over purchasing Layers of Fear (£18.39) or >observer_ (£23.99) separately. And that’s a good thing in anyone’s eyes.

But what does this bundle bring? Well the Masterpiece Edition of Layers of Fear throws us into the world of a madness fuelled painter as he tries in vain to create a masterpiece. It’ll also let us return to the house as the artist’s daughter with the DLC pack, as you try and hep her understand what was going on in her father’s mind.

>observer_ meanwhile sends us off to the future – 2084 in fact – as we get the chance to hack minds and investigate a retro cyberpunk world.

Both games are well worth playing through and by clicking the bold links above will find yourself whisked to our reviews. Have a little peek at each and then head to the Xbox Store and grab the bundle right now.

Bundle Description:

The Layers of Fear + >observer_ Bundle features two award-winning horror titles from Bloober Team. In Layers of Fear: Masterpiece Edition, step into the mind of a madness-engulfed painter and navigate his ever-changing mansion while striving to create a true masterpiece artwork. Then, in the DLC, return to the house as the artist’s daughter as you retrace your steps to understand your father’s motivations. Play as an Observer, the new front line of neural police in 2084, Poland. Hack into the jagged minds of the insane, while you investigate the cry for help of your estranged son in this retro-cyberpunk world filled with a rich narrative and an alluring future reality.


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