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Reckon you can handle more bullet hell? Lazy Galaxy: Rebel Story is delivering just that to Xbox One owners.

Available to purchase and download right now, Lazy Galaxy: Rebel Story is muscling in on the roguelite SHMUP genre by bringing with it a variety of bullet-hell scenarios with some squad based gameplay.

See, when the old knackered robot H-34-RT wakes up alone, all he knows is to fight and follow his previous defense routines – if that means going all out to takedown numerous foes in order to figure out exactly what is going on, then so be it.

Coming with a rather distinct visual style, you’ll need to help this confused little bot navigate his way through numerous stages of bullet hell squad based shoot em up action, dishing out a multitude of bullets and taking down a variety of enemies in the process.

Can you find out the truth and make them pay? The Xbox Store will help you out in your quest. Pay it a visit and take old H-34-RT on a journey he will never forget. It may well be the last thing he does!

Will you be spending some time with Lazy Galaxy: Rebel Story? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

Game Description:

An old robot named H-34-RT wakes up in a derelict space station orbiting his home planet. His civilization was destroyed long ago by evil O’Xelg, but he has yet to figure that out. After an initial shock, he decides to follow his old defense routines: that means fighting the invaders, even if he is alone now. Lazy Galaxy: Rebel Story is a challenging, squad-based shoot-em-up/bullet hell roguelite. Fly through tons of bullets, defeat various enemies and engage challenging bosses, all this to help a lonely robot complete his mission.

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