If you want to harness the power of the Passive Fist, then you’ll need to focus all your thoughts and efforts on two things – timing and rhythm. Do you have what it takes to succeed in the latest brawler to hit Xbox One, PS4 and PC?

Available right now for download from the Microsoft Store, Way of the Passive Fist sees you take on the role of the Wanderer, travelling far and wide in the search for answers for why the mining colony of Zircon V is on the edge of destruction.

Thankfully the Wanderer is happy to get involved in a fight or two and by standing firm, focusing on timing attacks and rolling with the rhythm based combat, you’ll see attacks, parries, dodges, combos and super attacks pulled off.

Way of the Passive Fist allows for fully remappable controls, so if you prefer to play one handed, or with just your thumbsticks, that is possible. Freedom of play is a key component and is quite possibly your best bet for ensuring your progress through multiple fights, picking up medals, taking on the story and then challenging yourself in the Arcade mode.

Should you fancy checking out the Wanderer’s tale, then get yourself over to the Microsoft Store right now and grab Way of the Passive Fist on Xbox One for £11.99. It’s also available on PS4 and PC.

Game Description:

A mysterious figure known only as the Wanderer travels across the distant planet of Zircon V, a once prosperous mining colony that is now on the brink of destruction in the face of its dying star. By using the Passive Fist technique, the Wanderer can outlast any foe by deflecting their attacks and draining their stamina. With colonists disappearing and maniacs running wild, the Wanderer must stand firm, stay calm and fight for answers in this unique modern brawler! Gameplay Features Timing & Rhythm Based Combat Classic brawler action flipped on its head! Study your enemies’ patterns and nullify their attacks with perfectly timed parries and dodges and let your enemies defeat themselves Build Combos & Unleash Super Attacks Fill your super meter with consecutive parries and dodges and spend it to destroy all who stand in your way Create Your Own Difficulty Setting Adjust gameplay settings to customize your own challenge level with its own unique name Fully Remappable Controls Set any action to any button! With fully remappable controls you can use a controller one-handed (left hand or right hand), you can play on controller with just the use of sticks (no buttons) or play on keyboard. You have the freedom to play your way! Level Up! Earn medals and XP from fights to earn upgrades and unlock new abilities Story & Arcade Modes Play through the Story Mode and take a stance against tyranny on Zircon V. Then, challenge yourself with the Arcade Mode and play through the whole game with limited lives to prove your mastery of the Passive Fist!


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