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We knew from the get-go that Hot Wheels Unleashed would be ripe for expansion, with Milestone promising a host of exciting additions to ensure the fast racing style it delivered continued to stay fresh. And that’s exactly what we’ve been given, with the latest expansion sets playing on TMNT’s Leonardo, Wonder Woman, Street Fighter’s Blanka and more. 

Available to purchase and add into your Hot Wheels Unleashed world no matter what format you play on are no less than five new micro machine offerings, as Hot Wheels crosses swords with a host of franchises and brands to ensure the racing within Unleashed continues to thrive. 

The download you need, and the car or cars you require, will all be dictated by your own personal life choices, but for us it’s the arrival of Leonardo from the Turtles, of Wonder Woman and of Blanka – straight out of the Street Fighter scene – that are most exciting. But there’s more still and should you prefer a bit of movie action then you’ll find AcceleRacers Deora II in place too. 

Decent eh? Well yes, but there’s an extra addition you shouldn’t be ignoring too, and that is the Pink Fashion Customization Pack – something which switches up your basement area with a cool pink glow. 

In all, the following Hot Wheels Unleashed DLC packs are now available to purchase and add into your game…

And of course, there’s the Hot Wheels Pass Vol 1 and DC Super Villains Racing Season to keep you busy too. 
Let us know what you decide to pick up. 

Hot Wheels Unleashed is playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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