If you wanna roll along the same road as The Wombats and dance to Joy Division, celebrating the irony in the process then the latest Rocksmith content pack is going to be something you have a lot of interest in.

Available right now for Rocksmith players on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC to enjoy are three tunes from Manchester’s finest post-punkers, Joy Division, as axe grinders across the globe get the chance to take in some of the band’s most loved tunes.

The Joy Division Song Pack for Rocksmith comes with a £6.39 price tag attached, and that seems great money for a content addition that brings all of the following…

  • Love Will Tear Us Apart
  • Disorder
  • Transmission

Of course, should your wallet not be able to stretch quite that far, or should you only have interest in one of the three classics then each are also available for just £2.39. If you’re rocking them out on Rocksmith 2014 Edition or grinding away with the Remastered version and like a bit of late ’70s punk, then we’re pretty certain that these tunes are going to be hugely appealing.

In order to find them added to your Rocksmith library, just shoot on over to a digital store near you right now, pay the required cash and enjoy the rhythms that they bring.

Now, get dancing to Joy Division!

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