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Absolver has recently arrived on Xbox One with the launch coinciding with the game debuting on Xbox Game Pass. Fancy getting a taste of the action with some of the gameplay?

Our very own Gareth is well known for his love of games, but his complete lack of skill in partaking in them, so what better way to really put that statement to the test than by dropping him into the world of Absolver on Xbox One.

From his very first, wine-accompanied, look, through the character customisation options and his first wander through the world, watch below as he hits up the Plains of Adal, explores the Guidance Bridge and takes in the Central Habor, before being taken through a brief tutorial in which meditation, Combat Decks, stances and fighting ideas are thrown out there. Exploration and fighting skills are key in this playthrough – and it doesn’t take long before we find our much loved adventurer taking on all manner of foe, delivering special attacks and a swift kick to the knee in order to prove successful. But will he become an Absolver? You’ll only find out by watching.

With a rather beautiful visual look and some hardcore fighting opportunities, Absolver promises to deliver tough hand-to-hand combat, dropping in a number of levelling up processes and allowing you to configure your fighting style how you see fit. Chances are each and every decision you make will have some kind of impact on your game.

If you like what you see then you can grab Absolver right now on Xbox One for the price of £23.99, or for free if you are an active Xbox Game Pass subscriber. The Xbox Store should be your next port of call but for now, Let’s Play Absolver on Xbox One.

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