aritana and the twin masks

Back in 2015 the team at DUAIK delivered a new tale to Xbox One, that of Aritana and the Harpy’s Feather. Today though, in 2019 we see them arrive back in the game, with the upcoming launch of Aritana and the Twin Masks. Fancy taking in some of the Mousetrap styled gameplay ahead of release?

Join our very own Gareth as he grabs a controller and sits down for the very first time with the action adventure that is Aritana and the Twin Masks on Xbox One, all as he attempts to prove his worth and starts to unravel the mysterious found inside the YpT’s Temple. 

A colossal temple awaits and by utilising bow and arrow gameplay, Aritan and the Twin Masks will give the opportunity to not only take in a new adventure tat follows on from the first Aritana tale, but also the chance to solve a number of puzzles

Whether Gareth can do so during his initial 45 minutes or so with the game is anyone’s guess, but by grabbing a brew and kicking back to spend time with the latest Let’s Play, you can find out. 

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We’ll have a full review of Aritana and the Twin Masks coming your way in the days ahead, but for now, ahead of the 16th August 2019 release date, join us as we take in a Let’s Play of the first moments of action…

You can be sure that we’ll let you know the minute that Aritana and the Twin Masks arrives for purchase on Xbox One too. Keep an eye out for it. You can however pre-order it from the Xbox Store for £19.24 right now.


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