Hey guys, there’s a super cheap game available now on Xbox One. Fancy getting a look at the first load of levels available in Cubot – The Complexity of Simplicity?

Available to purchase for the stupidly cheap price of £1.59, Cubot is a simple game…that gets pretty complex real quick!

Watch as we move around blocks, checking out the first 40 or so stages, covering all of Episodes 1 through to 4. This takes us through the early stages of ‘The Beginning’, our first look at the ‘Red Cube’ and ‘Green Cube prior to checking out how things work in ‘Button & Block’. We end the video with a quick look at a couple of the ‘Color Swap’ offerings of Episode 5.

We’ll have a full review for you soon but without further ago, Let’s Play Cubot – The Complexity of Simplicity on Xbox One! Don’t forget to subscribe to us on Youtube.

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