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Looking forward to the rotating action platformer that is Exception? Us too, and so we spent a little bit of time with the game ahead of launch on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. Fancy taking in some of the gameplay?

Join us as we take Exception on Xbox One for a spin – quite literally. Running as a 2D/3D action platformer which sees twists, turns, and rotations aplenty, Exception is the debut console title from the one man development team at Traxmaster Software.

With bright visuals, a stunning soundtrack and gameplay elements that we haven’t seen anywhere before, Exception is a unique experience that really should be taken in. In our Let’s Play we get to take in the first four worlds, upgrade our new found abilities a little, and take down a number of tricky bosses. With a speedrunning vibe, starred level rankings and more, it could well be said that Exception is one of those games that seems to draw you in, and refuses to let go.

Our full review of Exception on Xbox One is fast approaching, and that’ll be sure to let you know whether the £11.99 asking price from the Xbox Store is worth it, so make sure you keep an eye out for it, but should you wish to know more about the game, and the development process behind it, feel free to have a read of our exclusive interview with the man behind it, Will Traxler of Traxmaster Software.

For now though, Let’s Play Exception on Xbox One.

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