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With the release of classic Final Fantasy titles now starting to arrive on Xbox One, a lot of you may be wondering ‘What is Final Fantasy?’ Well, we want to help you out, and our latest Let’s Play of Final Fantasy IX on Xbox One does just that!

We put Richard in charge of taking viewers through a crash course of the opening moments of Final Fantasy IX on Xbox One, before we let him wax lyrical about his favourite series in his full review which is coming soon.

Watch as he takes Zidane, Vivi and Steiner for a spin in their first moments in the game. Zidane is plotting to kidnap the princess of Alexandria using his theatre troupe to deliver the ultimate decoy as they perform the nations favourite play, ‘I Want to be Your Canary’. Steiner on the other hand, takes it upon himself to protect the princess at all costs.

Meanwhile, Vivi is just a humble townsperson who just wants to watch the play, but quickly finds out his ticket is a fake. He enlists the help of a street urchin to help him sneak in but ends up getting caught up with the kidnapping of Princess Garnet.

During Richard’s playthrough of the first 80 minutes of Final Fantasy IX, he introduces these characters and provides us a glimpse of the many secrets tucked away in Alexandria, the first explorable area in the game. He also introduces us to a couple of the minigames: rope skipping and Tetra Master. Both end disastrously but in particular the Tetra Master game. That is worth watching the stream for on its’ own!

We also get to see a couple of battles and Richard explains a little bit about the battle system and shows a couple of the tweaks that have been made from the original PlayStation release.

If you like what you see, then Final Fantasy IX is available on the Xbox Store priced at £16.99 but before you go rushing off, please drop us a like and subscribe to our YouTube channel! Please also leave a comment so Richard knows if you did purchase the game as a result, just so he knows his Tetra Master defeat wasn’t in vain!

Without further ado, Let’s Play Final Fantasy IX on Xbox One…

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