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Even the most amateur of mobile gamers will have likely tried their hand at Hill Climb Racing – it has been downloaded over 500 million times on the Google Play Store alone. A perfect mobile game is one that is simplistic in mechanics but incredibly addictive, and Hill Climb Racing’s one more go appeal ensured many of us played for hours on end. Hero Express, the newest title from Fantastico Studios, is a more fleshed out version of this mobile classic, just now for the console audience, and given the addictive nature of its inspiration, we had to check it out on Xbox One. Care to join us with some of the gameplay?

Hero Express, releases on Xbox One come 5th July, putting you into the boots of a clumsy superhero’s delivery driver. You see, the hero has to battle against all types of monsters across the world, and he has unfortunately left all his tools at home. It is therefore up to you, in your selection of 11 vehicles, to traverse tricky landscapes in order to provide the hero with his vital equipment.

The main problem? Well, you seem to be constantly running out of gas, and in order to stock up on fuel you must reach certain checkpoints along each course. Only by repeating each level, garnering enough cash to upgrade your vehicle in engine, wheels, traction and stability, will you finally be able to overcome the hazards and make it to the end of each level. 

We love a good little time-waster of a game to give a go, so ahead of the Xbox One launch we sat down and streamed Hero Express on Mixer, and now the full video is here for your viewing pleasure. 

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Without further ado though, Let’s Play Hero Express on Xbox One


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