Hyper Void has made it to Xbox One bringing fast paced, colourful wormhole action. Fancy taking a look at the gameplay?

Watch as we check out the first six levels of Hyper Void direct on Xbox One. From the initial first couple of stages which carefully teach us the way of the wormhole, we delve into the frantic action that is found on some of the later levels. Dodging, barreling rolling and spinning our way across the screen, we may die a lot, but you’ll find us racking up the scores as we do so.

But that’s not all, the slightly scary Hyper Mode sends our eyes haywire as we check out a stage of that as well.

Without further ado, Let’s Play Hyper Void on Xbox One.

Full review for you soon but if you like the look of what you see, why don’t you go and pick it up!?

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