pc building simulator xbox one

Have you been glancing at the Xbox Store, wondering if PC Building Simulator is exactly what it professes to be? Well, wonder no more as we take you through the early stages of the game and provide you with an idea of what to expect!

PC Building Simulator sees you presented with the chance to grow your own PC building empire, from what appears to be your bedroom, by fixing and meddling with a whole load of PCs for other people. Who knows, you might be able to learn a thing or two from its step-by-step instructions for solving certain problems.

Join us as we learn the basics of plugging the essential cables into a PC, before dismantling a few machines to install brand new components in place of broken ones, upgrading parts, and even just giving the innards a bit of a dust. Every job brings in cash and the aim is to eventually have enough to transform your own PC into the ultimate machine. There’s also an in-game marketplace full of licensed items to purchase in order to fulfil the needs of both you and your clients.

Should you like what you see, PC Building Simulator is available on Xbox One for £14.99 via the Xbox Store. Still not sure about it though? That’s not a problem because we’re already working on a full review for your perusal in the near future.

So, without further ado, Let’s Play PC Building Simulator on Xbox One.

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