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Ratalaika Games are well known for adding super low priced games to the Xbox Store on a regular basis, allowing Xbox One gamers the chance to enjoy all variety of genres and experiences. The very latest to come out of the Ratalaika stable is that of the intriguing Sagebrush – and so we spent the time to run a little Let’s Play, which turned into a full walkthrough. Care to join us?

Sagebrush on Xbox One will set you back just £5.99, but for that cheap asking price you’ll find a game that is hugely engrossing, as you begin to understand how this cult inspired affair has come about. Set in New Mexico, you can expect to find an immersive, lo-fi 3D world, a compound to fully explore, and a rather moody, hugely ambient soundtrack.

Our full review will happily tell you more about it, but in the meantime we tasked our very own Gareth to sit down with a controller and spend time wandering the world ahead. Split over the course of two videos (both of which you can see below), join the self-proclaimed renegade master as he takes in the entirety of Sagebrush on Xbox One, dealing with cults, hunting things down in the darkness and stumbling around in a cornfield for longer than he desired. Thank god for the internet!

You can follow Gareth on Mixer, and you can take in his full walkthrough of Sagebrush on Xbox One below. The full review of the game is now live too – make sure you give that a read.

As always, if you like the videos below please consider giving our channel a like and a full subscribe. Sticking that little notification bell on too would be great, if only as it’ll give you immediate notification as to when a new video goes up. But for now, sit back and enjoy as we run through a Let’s Play of Sagebrush on Xbox One.


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