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The latest title to arrive on Xbox One via the EA Originals moniker is that of Sea of Solitude and we’ve spent some time with the emotional storyteller ahead of finalising a full review. Want to check out some of the gameplay found within? In fact, want to check out the whole damn thing as we run a full Let’s Play walkthrough of Sea of Solitude on Xbox One?

Join us as we task our very own Gareth with playing through the entirety of Sea of Solitude on Xbox One. Split over the course of three videos, you’ll get to watch him take in everything that it contains, as he is dropped into the world of Kay and left to figure out the ins, the outs, and the secrets of this wonderful tale. Expect to find it tugging on the heartstrings and focusing efforts on loneliness throughout.

With a full review in the works and due to hit site any day now, should you wish to know more about what EA and the visionary German studio at Jo-Mei Games have created, then kicking back with a brew and taking in our playthrough could well be for the best. As always, if you like the video we’d love it if you could give it a thumbs up. Our YouTube channel is also up for new subscribers too – it would be great if you could consider it.

Sea of Solitude is available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, with the usual digital stores providing access to a download. If you’re an EA Access subscriber then you’ll also find a rather nifty little discount attached to the standard £19.99 price.

But without further ado, Let’s Play Sea of Solitude on Xbox One – Full Walkthrough.

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