Super Party Sports: Football will be hitting the Xbox One Games Store on Dec 4th. Fancy checking out some of the gameplay?

Watch below as we play through and collect all three trophies on each and every level of Cup 1, battling against our opponents as we fire our way to cup glory. With our large headed characters on show, we also check out a number of the levels from Cups 2 through to 5, fighting off bully-boy hardmen and whistle happy refs.

Can we lead England to victory? In fact, should we be leading England to victory at all? Our full review of Super Party Sports: Football will be up and live on site before you know it. Don’t miss it!

Without further ado, Let’s Play Super Party Sports: Football on Xbox One.


  1. The gameplay has that puzzle element similar to the worms games. Something a bit different to play amongst all the big titles out at the moment. Shared on Twitter.

  2. Watched, shared, liked, subscribed and all the stuff in between.
    Game looks pretty cool. Lets plays are such a great way to really see the game in action.


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