The Flame in the Flood is available right now on Xbox One. It looks glorious. It comes with a stunning feel and it’s got a musical soundtrack to die for. You really should get a look at this game asap…bit of luck we’ve sorted a Let’s Play gameplay video for you then!

Watch as we play as Scout, navigating the fierce river and scary outback wilderness whilst hopping aboard our rickety old raft. With procedurally generated gameplay, what will turn up is a surprise to all. Can we forage for food, catch enough raindrops for water and find enough shelter to keep us alive long enough to discover the full tale behind The Flame in the Flood? Well, no, we can’t…but we give it a bloody good go. Ultimately though, a few choice encounters with pigs and being struck down sepsis is too much for poor Scout’s body to take!

Keep an eye out for our full review coming soon, but for now, Let’s Play The Flame in the Flood on Xbox One!

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