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If you find yourself with a love of all things weird, wonderful and Lovecraftian, and you want to integrate this into your obvious passion for gaming, then boy do we have just the game for you. The Sinking City, which is out now on Xbox One, PC and PS4, tells the horrifying but intriguing tale of, well, a sinking city as it struggles to get to the bottom of what caused a supernaturally grandiose flood, and an ensuing bout of dangerous hysteria. Want to check out some of the first gameplay moments as we play The Sinking City on Xbox One?

More specifically, you will be stepping into the boots of private investigator Charles W. Reed in a twisted dystopia of 1920s Massachusetts. As the role of a professional PI may suggest, you have been tasked with getting to the bottom of a stumping case involving murders, feuds and, perhaps most importantly, mass hysteria that is starting to seize the sanity of both yourself and the residents you encounter. In true Lovecraftian fashion, expect to be stumbling across mutant NPCs, massive monstrous deities and freakish enemies (think Headcrabs from Half-Life), the latter of which you will have to dispose of in intense close-quarters combat. Managing resources, as well as your health and ‘sanity’ is also key, especially as bullets are both the currency and ammo in this world.

However, the real draw of The Sinking City is found in its calling as a mystery game. Alike to games gone such as L.A. Noire and Murdered: Soul Suspect, you must frequent Mr Reed’s Mind Palace, make reference to his notes and link together clues to form deductions in order to truly solve each mystery, edging you one step closer to solving the overarching case.

We believe this feature done well can make for an excellent title; so we sat down and played through the first hour or so of The Sinking City. Sit back, perhaps with a cuppa in hand, and watch on as we take a journey through The Sinking City’s interesting and intriguing world…

Of course, if you wish to pick up The Sinking City you can do so on Xbox One, PC and PS4, with a Nintendo Switch release imminent. For Xbox, from the Xbox Store you can pick up the standard edition of the game for £49.99. Our full review of The Sinking City on Xbox One will be with you soon too. 

But without further delay, Let’s Play The Sinking City on Xbox One

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