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We like Queen. Sometimes you just need to strut about the living room, imagining you’re on Live Aid. But what sadist invites friends over to try to match Freddie’s falsetto across thirty flipping songs? I wouldn’t force that on my friends, let alone my own eardrums. Let’s give Let’s Sing Queen the benefit of the doubt though, as it launches today on Xbox One, Switch and PS4.

The Let’s Sing series doesn’t often surface on global shores, with many iterations staying in Koch Media’s native Germany. But following on from Let’s Sing 2020, Let’s Sing Presents Queen is a big enough draw to make a Breakthrough. It’s coming out physically with a microphone accessory, and also digitally, with the ability to sing via a Kind of Magic on smartphone.

There are six game modes for you to Spread Your Wings. Classic is your freeplay mode (would it have hurt to call it Radio Gaga?); Feat. is effectively a duet mode; World Contest gets you competing across global highscores (should have been called We Are the Champions, obvs); Mix Tape 2.0, which sounds great, bringing you randomly generated medleys; Jukebox for random plays; and Let’s Party, a mode that puts you Under Pressure and in a battle against your mates. 

Those modes are:

  • Classic: Take the stage alone or with friends. Hit the right notes, prove that you have what it takes to be a star and crack the high score!
  • Feat.:  Teamwork is key! Grab a friend or even team up with the legendary Freddie Mercury in single player mode. The better your voices match, the higher your “compatibility score”.
  • World Contest: It’s you against the world! Climb to the top of the leaderboard by challenging friends or another singer online on the other side of the world. The game will show your performances as if you were singing together.
  • Mix Tape 2.0: This game mode guarantees hours of fun and a playlist that’s never the same: Each Medley in this innovative game mode is a dynamically generated mix.
  • Jukebox: Lean back and enjoy a list of songs for your next jam session.
  • Let’s Party: The ultimate challenge for your Let’s Sing party! Two teams with up to four players each and only one mic per team face off in randomly chosen game modes to determine who the real stars are.

I Want It All, frankly, and you too can get it for £32.98 on Xbox One. It’s also out on Switch and PS4.

The full tracklisting includes:

  • ·         A Kind of Magic
  • ·         Another One Bites The Dust
  • ·         Bicycle Race
  • ·         Bohemian Rhapsody
  • ·         Breakthru
  • ·         Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  • ·         Don’t Stop Me Now
  • ·         Fat Bottomed Girls
  • ·         Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
  • ·         Headlong
  • ·         I Want It All
  • ·         I Want To Break Free
  • ·         Innuendo
  • ·         It’s A Hard Life
  • ·         Killer Queen
  • ·         Now I’m Here
  • ·         One Vision
  • ·         Play The Game
  • ·         Princes Of The Universe
  • ·         Radio Gaga
  • ·         Save Me
  • ·         Somebody To Love
  • ·         The Invisible Man
  • ·         The Show Must Go On
  • ·         Tie Your Mother Down
  • ·         Under Pressure
  • ·         We Are The Champions
  • ·         We Will Rock You
  • ·         Who Wants To Live Forever
  • ·         You’re My Best Friend

Game Description:

Sing alone or share the stage with your friends in compelling game modes while you follow in the footsteps of Queen, the biggest rock band ever, with the legendary lead singer Freddie Mercury. Let their music take you on a trip through different decades. Master “Bohemian Rhapsody”, challenge your friends to a “Bicycle Race” or rock out to hits like “We Will Rock You”, “Another One Bites The Dust”, “I Want To Break Free” and “We Are The Champions”.

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