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There is absolutely no debating the brilliance of Nikki Sixx. But while the most famous moments of Sixx’ musical career have revolved around Mötley Crüe’s tunes, it is the smaller side project that is today appearing on Rocksmith. Yep, that’s right, Sixx:A.M. are here and providing a brand new song pack to the fastest guitar tutor in the West.

Available right now to purchase and then add in to your Rocksmith game – before seeing you going on to practice, play and absolutely nail – are three songs from Sixx:A.M. with a tune from the band’s debut album accompanied by some slightly later entries. For the price of £6.69, the Rocksmith Sixx:A.M. Song Pack includes

  • Stars
  • Life Is Beautiful
  • This Is Gonna Hurt

Each of these songs are also available as individual purchases and even though you’ll obviously need the base game of Rocksmith to hand – either the Rocksmith 2014 Edition or that of Rocksmith Remastered – once that is in place you are free to fill your boots with any of these tracks. A mere £2.49 price point is attached to each separate song and so if you’re looking for something cheap and relatively cheerful to allow your Rocksmith library to expand, these are pretty much as good as any.

It matters not whether you are learning to play guitar on Xbox or PlayStation either. Just hit up your favoured digital store and splash a bit of cash right now. For us Xbox gamers that obviously means spending time with the Xbox Store.

With Nikki Sixx and the band gearing up to hopefully release a greatest hits LP in the near future, chances are that these three tunes will be featuring rather heavily on that. Getting a head-start and learning each and every rift right now is no doubt the way to go.

Of course, should what Sixx:A.M. deliver not be to your tastes and you prefer a different style of music then you’re still pretty well covered with Rocksmith. In fact, there’s a bit of everything included in the recent back catalogue entries, running from new Green Day songs to a bit of Country, and even seeing the iconic Stevie Wonder celebrated.

If you wish to know more about Rocksmith then our full review of the game on Xbox One will have you covered.

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