life is strange pic 1

It’s nearly time for Life Is Strange to be magically beamed into our lives. What better time to release the third developer diary and official launch trailer.

The third and final video in the developer diary series features an in-depth look at the sights and sounds you’ll get to experience in Life Is Strange, with the team at DONTNOD explaining all about the unique visual style that accompanies the game.

Additionally, with the game out on Jan 30th, they have also now dropped the official launch trailer.

It looks rather superb and we can’t wait to get hands on with Max and Chloe. With a £3.99 first episode price tag, Life Is Strange looks like something everyone should be interested in when it released on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and PC, especially if you’re looking for a game that places the telling of a story before anything else.


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