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We’ve known for years that life will eventually find a way – and yep, that’s as good a time as any to point you towards our review of the superb Jurassic World Evolution. But should you be looking to really take control of life, guiding the very last hope through a series of trials in order to prove sustainability, then 112th Seed on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch is a game you should be checking out. 

Available to purchase and download on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch is eastasiasoft’s latest cheap and cheerful little oddity – 112th Seed.

Sold on being a retro-inspired platformer that is set in a future in which Earth has become completely uninhabitable, 112th Seed sees you taking on the role of one single seed – the last hope of all.  It will be up to you take then make your way through a number of maze-like labotary trials in the hope that you can prove you have what is needed to survive. Should you manage to complete the 70 odd challenges that are in place, working your way past numerous traps and making your way to the various exits, then life can continue to exist. Fail, and well…

Priced at £4.19 112th Seed is not a game that is going to break the bank, but should you be happy to work with the side-scrolling pixel art style that it employs, and reckon obtaining new skills and growing plants is something that could keep you busy, then the usual digital stores will sort you out. The Xbox Store is our preferred, but you’ll also find 112th Seed available from the PlayStation Store and Nintendo eShop too. 

Let us know if you decide to give life another try. The comments section is down below and our full review will be thrust towards your eyes in the days ahead.

Game Description:

Life must find a way! In a future where Earth has become uninhabitable and food is so scarce that most of humanity has perished, take the role of a seed that could restore hope! Make your way through the last labs constructed to cultivate a plant species capable of surviving any environment. Solve puzzles, avoid traps, grow plants and find an exit in this casual yet challenging pixel art platformer.


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