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There is no doubt that drones are slowly taking over the world, and whether they are used as a photography tool, a bit of family fun, or in a competitive hardcore racing kind of way, matters little. They are here and they are not going anywhere. And so when Liftoff: FPV Drone Racing hit PC back in 2018, we kind of expected a slew of drone based games to come to console too. But they didn’t. Until now that is as Liftoff: Drone Racing has now also been confirmed for Xbox One and PS4.

Due to hit at some point in 2020, Liftoff: Drone Racing on Xbox One and PS4 will allow players the chance to experience the excitement of fast-paced air races, with the teams at LuGus Studios and astragon Entertainment today dropping first details, screenshots and a trailer of their new drone racing console title.

Liftoff: FPV Drone Racing was first released in September 2018 as a successful drone simulation, launching on Steam and continuing to this day to enjoy great popularity among enthusiasts of the drone racing sport. It is this success which has prompted astragon Entertainment – they behind the recent launch of Fishing: Barents Sea Complete Edition – to cooperate with the Belgian developer LuGus Studios in creating a drone racing game for Xbox One and PS4, with the console game providing completely new features which will be announced later this year.

liftoff drone racing screenshot

For now though, in Liftoff: Drone Racing, console players will experience the exciting and fast-paced world of the drone racing sport. This of course also includes competing against other FPV pilots in nerve-wracking races, yet, a good drone pilot knows not only how to fly properly but is also aware of the importance of proper preparations. From countless original licensed frames as well as individual parts the quadcopters can be customized to fit the individual needs of their pilot, it’ll be included in Liftoff.

And then when it comes to races, this customization will also help players to squeeze even the last, perhaps decisive, bit of efficiency out of the little machines. The game will also offer different game modes for experienced pilots as well as newbies which will help them to improve their piloting skills at their own pace, whilst a dedicated “assisted flight” feature will make drone racing easily accessible to every player on consoles.

And further to this, if you can’t wait till later in the year and are visiting PAX East in Boston then you will be able to get some first-hand impressions of Liftoff: Drone Racing between February 27 and March 1, 2020

For now though, the teaser trailer below will sort you out with a bit of a drone fix.

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