Euro Fishing has consistently seen a number of content add-ons over the months, adding in new lakes and fishing opportunities for all anglers out there. Today we see another option arrive, alongside the full Ultimate Edition of the game.

Lilies is the DLC in question and this takes us to the banks of a beautiful 10-acre lake that has been named after the abundance of lilies floating on its surface. But under the surface you’ll find a host of fish types, with Carp up to 50 lbs and Catfish to 100lbs the main rewards. 11 different species are promised in all, alongside 20 boss fish and no less than 10 new Achievements to ping.

Lilies will set you back £8.99.

“We’re delighted to offer this next piece of additional content for Euro Fishing players, adding even further dedicated post-launch support for our growing fanbase” said Mark Greenway, Euro Fishing Director at Dovetail Games. “Lilies is a special release for Euro Fishing, providing challenge and reward in equal measure against a stunning backdrop that we’re certain new and old players alike will love!”

Further to this new content add-on, those who haven’t yet dipped their toe into the calm waters of Euro Fishing can now do so in a much easier manner as the base game and all content previously released – including Lilies – can now be found in the Euro Fishing Ultimate Edition.

This means you get no less than 13 fishing lakes for you test your skills with, with a ton of catch all ready and willing to be brought ashore. With just a £34.99 price tag attached, this is possibly the best way to get your fishing fix.

You can grab the Lilies DLC and the Ultimate Edition right now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Get over to a digital store near you right now.

Lilies Description:

Lilies is a 10 acre venue that is as beautiful as its residents and is named after the abundance of lilies on the surface of the lake. This venue is known for its big fish and provides a challenge with lots of weed present and the stock of fish being low. However, with every fish being of specimen size with Carp up to 50 lbs and Catfish to 100lbs the rewards are definitely there. The highlights of this venue are: – Full of specimen sized fish – Abundance of lilies on the surface – 20 new boss fish and 10 new achievements – 11 different species of fish

Ultimate Edition Description:

Euro Fishing: Ultimate Edition brings together all of the content for Euro Fishing so that you can save money on one fantastic bundle. Experience the unique venues of Euro Fishing as well as each of the stunning add-on lakes. Purchasing the Ultimate Edition will give you the core game with 5 lakes and an additional 8 add-on lakes. Highlights include: – Manor Farm Lake – Le Lac d’or – Waldsee – Bergsee – Foundry Dock – The Moat – Hunters Lake – Lilies Whether you’re a fishing beginner or angling pro, the Euro Fishing: Ultimate Edition accurately and authentically replicates the feeling of actual fishing, using our unique physics-based casting and reeling system. Get out and fish!


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