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We’ve known for a while that Harmonix would be infusing FUSER with multiple DLC packs in order to keep their DJ-a-thon party-starting musical-masterpiece fresh and exciting. And that’s been the case since launch too, with a whole plethora of brilliant new tracks having hit the game. Today though it’s time to increase the crates once more with three new tracks from three new artists hitting the game – and it’s Linkin Park who headline matters. 

Available to purchase and add into FUSER this very minute no matter what format you prefer to play the game on, are three new tracks that will bring a host of new musical options to the decks. 

It’s Linkin Park who are the standout addition here, bringing with them their utter classic ‘Numb’. But alongside that track are a couple of others that are more than worthy additions to the latest music game to keep Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC players bopping. 

In fact, in place right now for £1.69 are the following…

You can grab each of these tunes from your favourite digital store; all you need is a copy of FUSER to hand and you’ll be good to go. With a host of other great tracks and visual entities having already arrived for the game over the preceeding weeks, there’s a pretty high chance that you’ll be able to find something of major interest. 

And besides, even if you don’t, the base game and the VIP Edition of FUSER is already stacked with many many choices! You’ll find the game playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Let us know what your favourite song in the game is though – the comments are below and we’re on all the usual social channels.  

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