Looking to relive some nightmares? Little Nightmares has today gone and got itself a free demo, just as the latest chapter of the Secrets of the Maw arrives.

First things first, and should you have not yet managed to spend some time with Six and the stunning adventure that unfolds in Little Nightmares, then you no longer have any excuse. The free demo on Xbox One and PS4 will allow you to enjoy the start of Six’s journey, taking in the puzzling mechanics and horrific nightmares that begin to unfold.

To coincide with the release of the demo is the second chapter of the Secrets of the Maw add-on. Included in the Expansion Pass for the game, ‘The Hideaway’ will continue the adventures set in ‘The Depths’ as The Runaway Kid wakes up in the engine area of The Maw, a dark and grimy place populated by Nomes.

Watch in the all new video reveal, as you have to find and rescue the Nomes to escape from the gloom. These curious creatures have a secret but they can help to overcome all obstacles! Where are all these Nomes coming from? What secrets are buried in their nest? The Hideaway introduces more complex puzzle mechanics that will require you to work with the Nomes in a hub-like layout to let you have more freedom to explore.

The third and final chapter of Secrets of the Maw will release come 10th Feb 2018.

If you enjoyed the base story found in Little Nightmares, then surely the Secrets of the Maw is the way to now go. Head over to the Microsoft Store and nab either the full game, the Complete Edition or the Expansion Pass right now. Make sure you check out our full review too.

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