… and now for something a little different! Ever wanted to take your horse riding interests to the virtual world? My Little Riding Champion will no doubt sort you out.

Announced today by Toplitz Productions, My Little Riding Champion will be coming to PC and consoles (we’re going to guess that would include Xbox One and PS4) in Q1 of 2018. In fact, an early access version of the game will hit PC real soon.

But what is it? Well Toplitz Productions and developer Caipirinha Games are proud to announced that My Little Riding Champion is a third person game offering RPG, adventure and simulation elements, as you get to take over the role of a young horse enthusiast who inherited a horse riding centre. You’ll need to take care of the horses and the farm, whilst partaking in tournaments and enjoying rides through the ‘amazing’ landscapes in an open game world.

About My Little Riding Champion:

Some years ago your riding centre was one of the most successful riding institution with a lot of members, very good horsemen and a lot of triumphs during each tournament. Now the competitors poach your members and win the tournaments. It’s time to change something and get back to the well-known success stories from the past. Let’s start this long and thrilling journey!

In 3rd person view you start as a young riding enthusiast and take over the role of an owner of a riding centre. Show your knowledge and skills, train and take care for your horses and become successful. Teach your horses and make them earn experience and talent. The more you train – the better you will complete your tournaments and make your riding centre as successful as it was in the past. Beat your competitors!

“The greatest happiness on earth is sitting in the saddle of a horse! Horse enthusiasts all over the world will agree“, says Stefan Berger, Managing Director at Toplitz Productions. We are very excited launching such a strong title together with our partner Caipirinha Games who are offering long term experience in this genre.“

We might just be able to bring you further details of My Little Riding Champion as the months progress. If you’re lucky of course!



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