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Professional Farmer has been ensuring Xbox One gamers have been able to work the farms since way back in 2016, with Professional Farmer 2017 launching right in the middle of the big farming revolution that hit consoles. Today though it’s time for us to head down to the farm once more, this time in order to live out our biggest dreams as Professional Farmer: American Dream releases on Xbox One.

Professional Farmer: American Dream on Xbox One takes us down to the ranch as we attempt to sow our seeds in the rich Midwest; a land full of excitement, intrigue and lush fields. 

Priced at £16.74, American Dream forgoes the need for you to have the original Professional Farmer 2017 in place, instead arriving as a fully functioning standalone title. And as you would expect, in it you’ll be tasked with ensuring that your ranch is the very best it can be, allowing you the opportunity to drive tractors, cultivate fields and reap the rewards that the hard work brings. 

With the promise of real-world vehicles being faithfully recreated, a ton of grain and animal types included and even an exclusive chance to farm some pumpkins, anyone previously having found joy in the numerous farming titles around should consider giving it a look. You can also then throw in a deep career mode which provides access to the super impressive world in which you’ll be taking in all these farming opportunities. 

If you’re in need of sticking on some wellies once more and are ready to tend to your crop, then Professional Farmer: American Dream can be downloaded from the Xbox Store this very minute. Let us know if you decide to pick it up.

Game Description:

Live the American Dream on your ranch in the USA! Professional Farmer: American Dream – the latest spin-off from the Professional Farmer series – takes you to a ranch set in the captivating landscapes of the Midwest. Surrounded by towering mountain ranges, build your dream as a rancher in America with lush fields as far as the eye can see! Drive your pickup and tractors, tend to your cattle, cultivate your fields and reap your harvest! Take this opportunity to specialize in the flourishing American pumpkin business. Work with original equipment and milk that cash cow!

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