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For us, Lonely Mountains: Downhill has been a dream. Not only is it one of the finest cycle-based games available today, but it’s a game that has continued to evolve for months on end. The latest evolution takes us to the circus, as we get to grips with the greatest show in the new Cirque Du Vélo DLC. 

Available today for Lonely Mountains: Downhill on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC (Steam and Steam Deck), is the Season 16: Cirque Du Vélo content. 

As the name suggests, this follows on from fifteen previous Daily Rides DLC drops to add in new rewards for Lonely Mountains players to enjoy. Expect to be treated to new outfits, accessories and paint job as the circus comes into town. 

Daily Rides Season 16 will only be of use if you have a copy of the base game of Lonely Mountains: Downhill to hand already. Playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC, throwing yourself off the finest mountains and making it to the bottom, as fast, and as unscathed, as possible is the name of the game. Picking your preferred route and nailing the jumps are always at the fore of the action. 

Cirque Du Vélo adds in some fun to that intensity with jesters, snake charmers, lion tamers and more all catered for. In all, the Lonely Mountains: Downhill Daily Rides Season 16: Cirque Du Vélo expansion includes…

  • Tightrope your way to victory with the Unicycle backpack
  • Put on the world’s greatest show with the Ringmaster outfitBe a barrel of laughs with the Clown outfit
  • Brave the big cats with the Lion Tamer outfit
  • Get ready to do some heavy lifting with the Lifter outfit
  • Concentrate on juggling with the Harlequinn helmet
  • Charm snakes to your will with the Snake Tamer outfit
  • Carry the weight with the Dumbbell backpack
  • Lead the crowd with the Circus Tophat helmet
  • Slither down the slopes with the Snake backpack

Fire up Lonely Mountains: Downhill on your format of choice and you’ll be good to go. If you don’t yet own the game, grab the Xbox version from the Xbox Store. It’s currently in Game Pass so you’ve no reason not to play it. 

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