If you’re a fan of the Hitman franchise, you will love the last game of the series: Hitman II. This game, as many may know, it’s about killing people. But no, not about massacres unless it’s absolutely necessary, but more about killing certain important characters.

Travel together with Agent 47 around the globe to Miami (Florida/U.S.), Hawke’s Bay (New Zealand), Mumbai (India), Santa Fortuna (Colombia), Whittleton Creek (Vermont/U.S.) and the enigmatic Isle of Sgàil (North Atlantic) in the newest release. Each location is hyper-detailed and packed with many secrets players have to discover. Together with that, the game has many new characters to meet, a lot of disguises to try on, countless conversations to overhear, numerous weapons and items to use plus plenty of accidents to create.

Like with many such stealth gamesyou do not only aim to eliminate your targets and escape every situation alive but also strive to get the Silent Assassin rating. You can do all above together with a multitude of other challenges on three different difficulty levels.

Hitman II is not only revolved around Agent’s 47 crimes and spectacular but stealthy assassinations, it’s also delving in the past, to his origins and creation. Each cut scene gives important clues about who this mysterious murderer could actually be.

In addition to the captivating story, the game has another trump card in its sleeves to surprise the player base. It has two new multiplayer modes that change 180 degrees the way you play the game. Sniper Assassin is the first one and it’s all about long-range kills. You can play either solo as Agent 47, or in an online co-op as either Knight or Stone.

The mission is to take down targets in order to earn points, upgrade your rifle and unlock challenges. The mode starts with the Himmelstein map, and the action happens during a wedding in an Austrian mansion.

The second multiplayer mode is called Ghost Mode and it’s a 1v1 competitive mode that puts players in a direct competition. The end goal is to gain more kills than your opponent in a stealthy way. The cool thing about this mode is the fact that both you and your adversary are in different realities so if a gunfight occurs in one of them, the other won’t be affected by it or feel it. The communication between the two realities is realized using Ghost coins that allows one to interact with the other.

The Hitman franchise has many features players have to discover on their own. Aside from the 10 video games of the series, there are also slot machines based on the well-known story of Agent 47. With a minimum depositone can spin the reels and enjoy the perks of playing this consecrated game.