Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil is the first “expansion pack” I remember getting my hands on. Sure, I’d picked up the Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack disc, but that doesn’t really count in the same way does it?  No, this was a full blown campaign, set two years after Doom 3, and set an early bar for DLC (back when it came on discs instead).

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The third Doom was a different game, it felt much more like a survival horror experience than the usual running and gunning adventures of the past. This split opinion, however, it was a fantastic addition to the series and there was absolutely an appetite for more.

The response was Resurrection of Evil, which sees the forces of hell released after a mysterious, ancient artifact is discovered by an unnamed marine, who you play as. You end up becoming reacquainted with an old enemy within hell itself, who it’s safe to say has fully embraced his demonic side. 

The expansion kept all of what made Doom 3 so enjoyable, and built on it. There were plenty of additions to the already well tuned gameplay. This included a new weapon simply known as “the grabber” that allowed you to catch enemy projectiles in mid air and fire them back. If you’re thinking of the “grav gun” from Half Life 2, you’re on the right track.

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The other big addition was the artifact, which proved to be more than just a plot device. Instead, it was a powerful weapon that had different abilities, such as slowing down everything around, but not including, the player. Other notable additions included the return of the double barrelled shotgun, now thought of as a classic Doom weapon, but this was only it’s second outing at the time. 

There were twelve new levels on offer in Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil, meaning there were several hours of gameplay to shoot through making it feel almost like a sequel, instead of today’s all too familiar short and sweet DLC packs (don’t even talk to me about that Harley Quinn pack from Batman: Arkham Knight).

The balance of the familiar, and new elements was struck perfectly. You knew you were playing a game closely related to Doom 3, but you weren’t paying to play the same game again. Whether it was different enemies, weapons or the story itself, there was enough new to keep players invested a second time around. 

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It was unfortunate then that there would be a long wait for Doom fans until they had something new to get their teeth into. With hindsight, it’s clear to see that the franchise’s resurgence in 2016 with the DOOM reboot was a real success, but I for one was hoping to see more from the series’ new horror direction. Maybe one day.

I strongly believe that Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil, alongside the main release, is underrated and strikes a very different tone to every other game in the series. If you haven’t already, make sure you seek it out for a very different Doom experience, providing your nerves can take it. The likes of Amazon should be able to sort you out.


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