Time is running out and the big day is fast approaching. If you’re in need of a quick addition to a Christmas list, or are looking to purchase yourself something a bit different, there are a whole load of options available to Xbox One owners. But which of the numerous, games, add-ons and accessories available to you should you be adding to your list? Well, this lot will go down beautifully.

Something Essential

Chances are you’ve already got the console, but to enhance your Xbox experience you need to make the most of the features available to you. Two of the standout options are a full Xbox Live Gold subscription, ensuring you are never left feeling alone, and a year long sub to EA Access.

The former is pretty essential for any Xbox gamer to have in their arsenal, but it is the latter which is the real big draw. EA Access gives you discounts on new games, discounts on downloadable content and the chance to play those games before anyone else thanks to their unique Play First feature.

What’s more the EA Access Vault is a gold mine of free to play titles from over the years, giving unlimited full access to the likes of Need For Speed, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, Titanfall and a host of sports games, without the need for purchasing them outright.

For £20 per year, EA Access is vital to those who wish to experience a variety of titles.

Something Expensive


Gaming is an expensive hobby, but should you wish to take things to the next level, then there are more than enough options available for you to bust the wallet.

As Xbox gamers, the one really big deal that has released in 2017 is that of Xbox One X – the super powerful console that has threatened to take the world by storm. With the power of the Scorpio chip behind it, and the promise of 4K visuals and HDR gaming, if you are in the market for a new console, then it is all a bit of a no-brainer that that console should be an Xbox One X.

Aside from a brand new console, and it may well be time to shift yourself from the comfort of your sofa, and into the world of gaming chairs. Specifically designed to enhance your gaming sessions, taking the pressure off and allowing you to spend hours at a time fully immersed in your games, any well padded chair with plenty of features is more than a worthwhile investment. They aren’t cheap though, and that is never more true than the Secret Lab Titan that comes with all manner of adjustments and features.

But if you have the spare cash, it’s well worth a look.

Something Different


If you’re using this article as the last hope in order to grab a Xmas present for a gamer, and are looking for something slightly unique, then you need look no further than the latest Cable Guy products that have recently hit the market.

Coming from EXG, the Cable Guys are device holders who will happily cradle your Xbox One controller, PS4 pad or mobile phone as they charge, keeping them away from harm in the process.

Styled on Ronald ‘Red’ Daniels and Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley from the Call of Duty series, whether you’re a fan of the franchise or not, you have to admit that these are slightly different from the norm. It would be great if the cable charger was integrated into the figurine a bit classier, but for the price, and the joy that will be etched on the face of that special gamer in your life, the Cable Guys are a lovely unique Christmas list addition.

Something Game Changing


KontrolFreek have made a living off the back of promising to change your game, and that is never more true than when you attach a set of their thumbsticks to your Xbox One controller.

Enhancing your grip, increasing your comfort and ensuring your accuracy is on point at all times, any KF stick add-on will do a decent job. In my eyes though, the stunning Call of Duty WWII additions that have released to accompany the game are right up there with some of their best options, and will surely be a big draw for fans of the game who are looking to sort out their K/D ratios.

If you think the high rise CoD: WWII sticks are a bit too much, then there are always the Destiny 2 Ghost Edition options too. Slightly lower in height, these are easier for those with smaller hands to use, ensuring that even the hottest sweatiest trips across the Destiny 2 universe are taken in comfort.

You could of course always ditch your standard controller and consider something like the Venom Arcade Fight Stick. Obviously it will be completely useless if you only play shooters or racers, but for those who like to partake in a bit of one-on-one fighting, and need to be able to mash buttons till your heart’s content, then it more than does the job.

Something To Play

I can’t honestly sit here and tell you exactly what game to play, for each and every gamer will have different requirements, different needs and different cash options. But that said and there are a whole host of brilliant games released throughout 2017 that any gamer worth his or her salt should be checking out.

If you’re a racing fan then Forza Horizon 7 is a no brainer, whilst those who revel in the shooting aspects should most definitely check out Destiny 2, Wolfenstein II, or Sniper Elite 4. The adventurers out there will do no better than hit up Assassin’s Creed Origins, and horror fans should most definitely grab a pew and settle down for the night with Resident Evil 7 biohazard.

Sports fans meanwhile have a huge choice with football well represented by FIFA and PES, with NBA 2K18 and NBA Live 18 sorting out those who like to shoot hoops. Hell, even hockey fans have a choice this year as NHL 18 and Bush Hockey League attempt to deliver the best puck smacking opportunities. One does that better than the other though.

For those with a slightly smaller budget, then a recent SHMUP release of Sky Force Reloaded brings everything a gamer could ever want with a game, with the likes of Snake Pass, Rime and Aven Colony all bringing something a bit different for a lot less cash.

At the end of the day though, your game of choice, or your accessory of choice will be a hugely personal thing. Unless you decide to splash the cash on a rather pointless console cover, or the utter rubbish that is Firefighters: The Airport Fire Department, it will normally be money well spent.

What gaming products are on your Xmas list this year? Let us know in the comments below.


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6 months ago

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5 years ago

All good minus the Destiny 2 recommendation.

Neil Watton
Reply to  KashIsKlay
5 years ago

Cheers. Is that because you don’t like Destiny 2 or just hate the thumbsticks?

Reply to  Neil Watton
5 years ago

Because it’s a half assed game and they lock out the content that should of shipped with the game. If it came out at 25 bucks like it is now and we had to pay for the expansions that’s fine but as a 60 dollar game it’s bs.