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Looking for easy Xbox achievements? The games from October 2021 delivered up tons


October is traditionally the time of year where we sit down – usually behind the sofa – and play scary games for as long as we dare. If things do get too scary however, there is always the backup of easy Gamerscore to be found within. So, without further ado, let’s see what spooky delights can be found in our monthly easy Xbox Gamerscore list, all obtained from the Xbox games which released in October 2021…

Crysis 2 Remastered – 15G – Can it run Crysis?

crysis 2 remastered

Fear no longer if your gaming machine can run Crysis or not – you have my personal guarantee that your Xbox can run this remaster. And you even get an achievement to prove this.

This achievement is only available in Crysis 2 Remastered, there isn’t a duplicate gimme achievement in Crysis 3 Remastered. Apologies in advance if you were expecting a two-for-one deal here. The one achievement you do get here though is criminally easy.

Load up the first-person shooter and watch the opening cutscene. In this explosive intro there isn’t much in the way of combat but you do have to survive a submarine crash and an alien attack. Perhaps then a 15G achievement is there to help take the edge off this intro. Get pulled out of the water and this meme-inspired achievement will unlock.

ATOM RPG – 1G – Atom Agent

atom rpg

This is undoubtedly the scariest achievement on this month’s list. I mean, just look at it: a whole 1G. If you are afraid of odd-looking Gamerscore values, we advise you to look away now.

In fact, this guide isn’t so much a guide, more of a warning as this 1G achievement almost ties achievement hunters into the rest of the game. And another warning, ATOM RPG contains achievement values that also end in nine, three, seven and several 0G achievements to cap it off.

You don’t even need to start the gameplay element of ATOM RPG to unlock this achievement. It will pop when you first load into the main menu. It’s certainly an easy achievement, but at only 1G may give you nightmares.

RainCity – 40G – Curious!


The next game on this month’s list is RainCity, which is also the name given to any city in the North of England between October and April.

In the gorgeous hand-drawn game that is RainCity on Xbox you play as a cat called Cat, enjoying a point-and-click adventure. You arrive at the local hostel to meet up with their sister, but she has disappeared. Your investigation begins by finding her camera hidden away in her room.

Before that though, there is an achievement to be found. Behind the counter of the hostel is a bear. You will need to talk to him at least once to progress the story but speak to him ten times in total and you will be bestowed 40G. Now go and find your sister!

Far Cry 6 – 15G – Yo Soy Dani Rojas

far cry 6

Easily the biggest game on our list this month is the Ubisoft open-world shooter, Far Cry 6. But don’t forget this was at one time a stablemate of the Crysis series. It is nice to see them reunited in a monthly easy achievement list.

Far Cry 6 let’s you choose between a masculine Dani Rojas and a feminine Dani Rojas. This early decision has no bearing on the story or gameplay and is purely a cosmetic/aural choice depending on your preference. Nor does it have an affect on the first achievement you will unlock in Far Cry 6; once you have selected your preference you will unlock your first 15G on your way to liberation.

Godstrike – 15G – Burner

Godstrike Xbox

There may be easier achievements than this next one in Godstrike, but depending on your skill level, this may be the first one you unlock.

In Godstrike on Xbox, your time limit is your health. This bullet hell inspired game removes your health bar and gives you a clock counting down. Every hit you take decreases the time you have left to defeat the boss. It’s a really clever mechanic that doesn’t skimp on difficulty.

For the achievement, simply die ten times. You could force this on the first boss, but it really isn’t necessary. You will be dying a lot regardless and will likely unlock this before you even finish the tutorial. And yes, there is another achievement for that too.

Make sure you check out our review too. 

Circuit Superstars – 65G for four achievements

circuit superstars

Top-down racing is back with Circuit Superstars and with this fun little racer there are multiple easy achievements and Gamerscore to be had. And much like every month, anything that can ping stacked score your way is going to be a good thing. 

With Circuit Superstars, your main aim is to navigate multiple circuits, ensuring that as you cross the finish line, you are in first position. 

The best way of doing that is to head to the Grand Prix section of the game and pick up an Amateur level race. Not only is there a cool 20G attached to each and every one of these, but by partaking in the first one, you’ll see the 20G notification alongside at least three others – at least that is if you win the race. Honestly though, at Amateur level, you should be.

There’s an extra 20G on offer for winning the race, another 10G just for completing it, and then 15G for picking up a podium trophy with the ‘Make Donuts for the Fans’, ‘The Journey Begins’ and the ‘Look at this Trophy!’ achievements unlocking in the process. 

So, one race, four achievements, 65G. Bear in mind that races in Circuit Superstars are fairly quick, sub-five minutes for completion, and everyone is a winner. 

Rainbow Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan – 20G – American Idle

rainbow billy

Our final achievement for this month is a delightful pun-based achievement name and one that we had to include.

Rainbow Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan is a coming-of-age tale hidden away in a Cartoon Network inspired art style mixed with a bit of Pokémon animal imprisonment. At this point this should be all you need to know. Basically, it’s very good.

Anyways, early on you will get on a boat – this is your primary mode of transport between the worlds – and head off on your journey. Whenever you are on the ship, you can press a button and whistle away to your hearts content. However, you only need to do this for five seconds to unlock the 20G achievement called American Idle. Get it? Because your idling by whistling but making music like you were on American Idol. I think it’s quite clever at least.

And on that ‘note’ we will call it an end there. Maybe the spookier games had harder achievement lists, eh? Next up: November. A quiet month in between Halloween and Christmas, at least for us British folk. See you next month for some more easy Xbox achievements?

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Richard Dobson
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