Commencing experiment number 42; for some reason I have yet been able to reanimate Snuggles the rabbit, despite a large voltage and tremendous planning. Alas, I’ll have to try again tomorrow as another Loot Gaming box has arrived as part of the monthly crate subscription, requiring my attention. One wonders as to the perfect formula for delivering a box which suitably provides good value and exciting exclusives, without coming at a high cost to the people at Loot Gaming. So, without further ado, let’s study the Mad Science themed crate for February 2017 and find out if they’ve cracked it.

No one can argue against the inclusion of a Resident Evil 7 biohazard wearable, especially a tee in black and boasting a design featuring one of the scariest houses in the history of the franchise; the creepy mansion belonging to the Baker family. It sends shivers down my spine simply thinking about that place. What is slightly odd are the abnormally short sleeves on the tee, turning it into something more resembling a tank top. That in itself quite frankly puts me off wearing it.

But not all is lost, for there is another item to kit out your wardrobe from the inspirations of the puzzling platformer, Portal. It’s a necktie, or a tie to most people, with the companion cubes splattered all over it, which actually looks like any old tie design from distance and only those up close and personal would realise the truth. The tie is a very cool and smart looking item for those who love Portal, or gaming, and want to wear something – maybe to work? – to be a bit daring without going overboard.

So, we’ve had a hit and a miss up to this point, and by my calculations, we’re already halfway through the crate. You’ll have to cast your mind way back to truly appreciate the Mega Man collectible for two reasons; to remember both the similar item from Loot Crate almost three years ago and the featured character’s appearance in Mega Man 3. I am of course talking about Proto Man, the prototype robot created by Dr. Light, who wasn’t initially sure which side to fight on. Anyway, the item is a cute looking helmet to place in view on a shelf and it’s a lovely little thing in truth.

Last but not least is an exclusive from Psychonauts. I’m not overly familiar with Psychonauts, despite playing many of Double Fine’s other great games, but I can still grasp the collectible nature of a pair of Raz’s infamous goggles. They are a little on the small side, however, put these on a child-sized head and said child will almost certainly, definitely (not) become gifted with various psychic abilities instantly. Imagine all that power… I could take over the world!! *evil laugh*

Oh, you’re still here. Apart from a Loot Pin featuring a brain being experimented on, that’s everything for Mad Science. The t-shirt and the small amount of items surely caused errors within the perfect formula, but the rest of the exclusive balanced it out. I will insist on further studies, and so next time we’ll be going outdoors for a WILD crate featuring items from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, World of Warcraft, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Pitfall!

Have you already signed up to Loot Gaming, and if so, were you pleased with everything included in Mad Science? If you’re still yet to take the plunge, what will entice you to finally get involved in the subscription service? Let us know in the comments, or on social media!

Now, back to Snuggles…

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