The year is 2017, the month is January and this is the captain’s log for the latest unboxing of Loot Gaming’s monthly crate subscription. Sometimes Loot Gaming come up with top drawer exclusive items, and indeed last month the standard was very high, featuring an awesome Assassin’s Creed tee. Now, we boldly venture into Space to see what’s present in the latest crate and to decide whether it’s out of this world.

What immediately caught my eye was a freakishly creepy figure from the XCOM franchise, standing at around five inches tall and guaranteed to be a hit with fans of XCOM 2. It’s modelled on the Chryssalid, a rather poisonous four-legged creature looking to kill humans and implant an embryo in them to spawn further of their kind. Not only is the figure completely exclusive, but it’s very well detailed too.

I don’t know how cold it is in space, however I do know it’s bloody freezing up north, and so the wearable item will no doubt come in handy. Representing Destiny is a range of superbly designed scarves, three to be exact, each of which is inspired by the different classes within the game. You’ll either get the Warlock Bond, Titan Mark or Hunter Cloak design, and I was fortunate enough to get the Titan scarf, which is the most luxurious looking of the lot using black and beige colours. It’ll certainly keep me warm for however long Winter plans to stick around.

What’s this? Another wearable? Yes, yes there is, and it comes courtesy of the Mass Effect series, with another tee in place to hype gamers up for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Although I’m more than happy for the gaming world to infiltrate and initiate a hostile takeover on my wardrobe, given the amount of tees already distributed to subscribers via Loot Gaming, any new ones must stand out. Sadly, a black tee with a red stripe across it, and N7 embedded into that, doesn’t really cut it for me. I know it signifies being an elite rank in the Alliance military, but especially after last month’s tee, it’s a bit plain.

With it being Ratchet & Clank’s 15th anniversary this year, Loot Gaming wanted to honour them by re-creating a visually on-point scaled-down weapon. Obviously they can’t be sending anything dangerous through the post; hence the OmniWrench 8000 was inventively moulded into becoming a usable pen instead. Next time I do a spot of writing I’ll be the proud user of the coolest handwriting tool on the market.

As if all that wasn’t enough, the thought of a free game on Steam can only elevate the Space crate to another level. Get ready to spend your free hours embracing the magical concoction of dubstep and a top-down shooter in DubWars. It combines the sounds of dubstep and EDM, synchronises them with action-packed shooting and encourages players to use the rhythm of the music to successfully progress through all ten levels. I’m ready to wub wub!

That’s everything to be found in the Space crate, except for the always very apt coin pin, which this time features a spacecraft mid-flight and a crescent moon, What more could you ask for? A better tee is all that comes to mind, but even without that I’m more than happy with the value. Two collectibles, two wearable items and a free game, that’ll do nicely. What can we expect for next month? Well, Loot Gaming is going loco with the power of Mad Science, a crate containing items associated with Portal, Resident Evil, Mega Man and Psychonauts.

Have you already signed up to Loot Gaming, and if so, were you pleased with the Space offerings? If you’re still yet to take the plunge, what will it take to entice you to finally get involved in the subscription service? Let us know in the comments, or on social media!

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6 years ago

Seriously? This is the December crate, I’m tired of seeing reviews for it and stating is the January crate, what a sham

J Birks
6 years ago

Hi, although the theme is revealed in December, here in the UK especially it doesn’t arrive till well into the next month. Hence it’s unboxed in January. I understand your point, but that’s just the way it is. Thanks for the comment though.