It’s time to embark on a mythical journey of discovery, to find out exactly what the latest edition of Loot Gaming has to offer. The previous box of goodies, Rumble, was rather underwhelming in terms of representing exclusivity, with a bog-standard Funko collectible causing the most disappointment. Now though, we are delving deep into the Mythic crate, which has a lot to do in order to restore my faith in the value of the subscription.

The first thing I noticed was in terms of how many items are in the crate, with just the four items being present. But hey, I’d rather quality over quantity any day, and upon grasping the biggest item, it became clear that’s what they were going for.

There’s an Assassin’s Creed tee, which arrives at the perfect time when fans are hyped for the live-action movie. This specific tee is actually inspired by Black Flag, as it adorns a Jackdaw logo. This represents Edward Kenway’s ship name and is set in place, overlaying the iconic Assassins crest. At least I’ve got my cinema outfit sorted now; the blue-gray and black colour scheme ensures it’ll surely go well with something in the wardrobe. I’ve had a lot of tees over the past year from Loot Crate subs, but this is possibly my favourite design of all.

I don’t know about you, but opening mail can be a bit of a pain when it arrives in droves; whether it’s fan-mail about my tremendous articles, or simply advertisements (okay, it’s more of the latter at the moment). Who knew it’d be far easier to use a tool created specifically for letter opening? Well, there’s a lovely Castlevania tin this month, containing an awesome looking sword-shaped letter opener – a replica of the extremely cool Void Sword. I’m just as impressed with the artwork of the tin as I am the replica itself; a truly quality item. (Those of you in Germany and Australia will receive an alternate item due to import laws.)

Then it all gets a little lacklustre, for two very different reasons. Morrigan from Dragon Age: Origins gets her own moment in the spotlight, appearing in figure form. She’s not much bigger than your average ‘blind box’ figure, but that’s no issue, instead my lack of fondness stems from the design. Morrigan looks decent in an outfit worn in the DA:O Sacred Ashes trailer, however, the part representing the conjuring of magic in the palm of her hand is cheap visually.

As for the Okami inspired figure – similar sized as Morrigan – I can’t appreciate it fully due to my severe lack of knowledge about the series. The figure is actually based on the puppy of the original game’s main protagonist Amaterasu. The puppy in question, Chibiterasu, featured in the second game Okamiden and although the recreation as a figure is visually accurate, the character itself is rather bland – that’s the only drawback.

I mustn’t forget to mention the mythical coin pin, featuring a glorious griffin upon its face; perfectly suited to the theme. There are no doubts that Mythic raises the stakes compared to the previous outing, with a superb tee design and a beautiful letter opener more than satisfying my desires. Next month it appears we’ll be voyaging into the unknown for a Space focussed crate, including items from Mass Effect, Destiny, Ratchet & Clank and X-COM.

There’s still time to sign up for Loot Gaming to get the Space themed crate, will you be getting involved in the near future? Have you already signed up, and if so, were you pleased with the Mythic offerings? Let us know in the comments, or on social media!

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