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Whether you go solo, squad up or make the most of those around you, HAWKED will see you looting, shooting and escaping as the latest PvPvE extraction shooter prepares to launch on Xbox, PlayStation and PC. 

It’s via a Closed Alpha in which the online shooter will first arrive and if you’re a PC player making the most of Steam, you’ll be able to get a first look at the Hunt game mode when it drops come November 24th 2022. It’ll only be available for a few days though, ending on November 28th as the publishing and development team at Upwake.me make the most of player input. 

From there, it’ll be a wait as HAWKED holds tight prior to full launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC. 

When it does arrive, you’ll find that HAWKED plays as an inline shooter in which you’ll be sent on a race to collect – and extract – treasure from the most remote of islands. Exploring this land will be key to what plays out, as you battle other players and the ‘Disciples’ in an all-out heist. Expect to have to put up with puzzles, traps, hazardous environments and other challenges as you go. 

In the world of Hawked, the adventurers guild GRAIL has recently made the discovery of a lifetime: X-Isle, a mysterious island that harbors powerful artifacts from a lost civilization. However, GRAIL’s attempts at extracting the artifacts fail when the island’s monstrous inhabitants attack. Enter the Renegades, treasure-hunting mercenaries with a penchant for plundering. As Renegades the players will have access to a large collection of weapons and gadgets, battle vicious monsters, outwit enemies, and gun down each other while roaming the island. Players will run, jump, surf, zipline, and soar through an ever-evolving world filled with deadly hazards, lush jungles, and ancient ruins.

You’ll be able to go about upgrading gear and abilities in HAWKED, as well as be able to tweak things with customisable loadouts and abilities. Expect to be treated to a ton of weapons and equipment types too, specialising in stealth, defense or fast looting. 

For the Closed Alpha period you’ll find that it will be the core game mode of Hunt which is present; a mode in which players will be scouring the island for Artifacts. However, the Artifacts are not just for scoring points, they are usable items providing in-game benefits that, once a player extracts them, are theirs to keep for future games. During the game, there are multiple ways of getting Artifacts. They can be looted from defeated players but also via PvE encounters such as a Glyph encounter. During these encounters, a player can secure four glyphs with which they can open the Vault which contains multiple Artifacts. The player with the most Artifacts will be the grand winner, however it’s intended by the developer that extracting even one Artifact is also rewarding enough that any player feels they can achieve something worthwhile in every game. 

Kick back with the HAWKED trailer below and let us know if you’ll continue to check this out as the Alpha releases. The Steam page will help you out some more. 

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