lornsword winter chronicle xbox one

Fancy taking in a new action strategy adventure? Lornsword Winter Chronicle is now here and available on Xbox One and PS4.

Lornsword Winter Chronicle on Xbox One and PS4 brings a brand new strategy experience to console, and the very best thing about it is that the entire RTS experience has been created from the very ground up, all with a gaming controller in mind.

Priced up at £24.99, Lornsword will have you playing out proceedings and working your way through the Winter Chronicle as one Corun Lan Ka. From there, you’ll embark on a journey unlike any other as you go about fighting, exploring, summoning, capturing, and above all else, leading an army into battle. With the narrative being told over the course of many chapters, it’ll be up to you to ensure that your troops – and your tactics – are at the forefront of you mind as every second passes, managing their health levels with food, their money worries with gold, and their attacking capabilities through all manner of organisation opportunities.

However, the long drawn out wars are sometimes the loneliest and so with Lornsword Winter Chronicle you can bring in a friend to fight alongside you, jumping in and out at any time in the battle. Perhaps it’ll be they who are able to turn the tide in your favour?

Should you wish to embark on a new story-driven strategy affair then Lornsword Winter Chronicle can be picked up on Xbox One and PS4 right now. The usual digital stores will sort you out, whilst our upcoming review will let you in on the very finest of details. Keep an eye out for it.

Game Description:

Lornsword Winter Chronicle is a story-driven action strategy game. You are Corun Lan Ka and the Winter Chronicle is seen through your eyes. The eyes of a Lornknight serving the Empire… and destined to see much more than that. Control your hero directly: Fight, lead, explore, capture, summon… Execute your tactics in a heartbeat. Set up your army over time: Manage gold, food, battle fronts, unit types, building upgrades. Organize your global strategy on several fronts, orienting your economy and relying on your troops. The Winter Chronicle is told through chapters, each of them lets you choose which battle you want to wage next and what level of challenge you seek. A friend can join you at any point in a battle, no need to restart it or even pause the game… you will share screen space, resources and summons with your ally. Experience strategy in a new way as Lornsword Winter Chronicle is an RTS designed from the ground up to be played best with a controller.

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